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MUSIC VIDEO ROUNDUP: Lissie, Brandon Flowers & Uffie

Lissie – Everywhere I Go

I first heard of Lissie when “Everywhere I Go” was featured as the swansong of Joss Whedon’s short-lived cult tv show “Dollhouse”. Since then, she certainly has gone far, having released a debut album and found moderate success in the UK. “Everywhere I Go” will now be her next UK single, in the form of a new drummed-up radio-friendly version. It’s like an “AM” companion to the “PM” original one. The gorgeous Marcus-Soderlund video has an elephant follow, um, everywhere she goes. The shot at 2:20 is my favorite. Her album “Catching A Tiger” has some pretty amazing songs, and I love her Stevie-Nicks-esque big pipes. Her “Bad Romance” cover is highly recommended.

MP3: Lissie – Everywhere I Go (Album Version)

Brandon Flowers – Only The Young

Music videos of this scope are so rare these days that when one comes along, I can’t help give some extra appreciation! Sophie Muller once again delivered. Brandon looks dapper, even if at times he looks like he just happens to wander across the stage of a Vegas show rehearsal. I’m so glad this was chosen as the second single, as “Only The Young” is by far the best track on “Flamingo”. It sounds especially sublime on a cold, rainy day. The blippy synths after the chorus are a nice touch. Now if only the album had followed this direction more…

Uffie – Difficult

To be honest, I never care much for Uffie beyond “Pop The Glock”. However, “Difficult” must be the second best song I’ve heard from her. That “how difficult-ficult-ficult…” hook will get stuck in my head for days. She looks her best in this video, and man, can she strut! The whole thing looks so hip and stylish. It’s warranted at least some replays for all the details to leap out.

MP3: Uffie – Difficult

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2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Wow, that single version of “Everywhere I Go” is really disappointing compared to the orignal.

    October 8, 2010 at 3:30 PM

  2. Kevin

    I agree with the above comment. The original version is so haunting, and the new mix isn’t terrible, just kind of odd. If I had heard that version first I don’t think I would have been interested in her music enough to listen to anything else.

    October 14, 2010 at 10:04 AM

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