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Popforward: Still Corners

London-based band Still Corners is quickly becoming one of my favorite new acts, and for all the right reasons, too. The band combines ethereal vocals on reverb with ’60s pop sensibilities to create hazy, haunting dream-pop of the highest order. “Endless Summer” sounds like the Twin Peaks soundtrack married to the pounding “Be My Baby” beats. The b-side to their new 7″ single “Don’t Fall In Love”, “I Wish”, is an all-too-fleeting, beautiful acoustic track, with a gorgeous retro-looking video. Their music would sound perfect in late summer, but perhaps it’s still not too late to enjoy it in the cold sunshine. I’m really impressed with their output so far, hopefully, a full-length album will be on the horizon soon. Watch the video for “I Wish”, and sample 2 songs after the jump.

MP3: Still Corners – Endless Summer

MP3: Still Corners – Don’t Fall In Love

More on Still Corners.

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