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Popforward: Katy B

If you live in the UK, chances are you’ve heard of Katy B‘s popped-up-dubstep hit “Katy On A Mission.” She’s just the latest female talent to emerge from Britain, the poster girl for the mainstream breakthrough of dubstep. Her voice sounds like a mixture between Lily Allen and Joss Stone (she even looks like Joss’ little sister). Personally, I prefer the b-side “Louder”, in which she adorably sings the title as “Looooouuu-ddduuuurrr“. Her next single is a collaboration with Magnetic Man, the mindblowing “Perfect Stranger”. Seriously, with the right radio edit, this deserves to be a huge number one! I love the hopeless optimism in the way she sings the chorus with a hint of wistfulness. It’s an amazing club tune with a dark edge, and one that will definitely be on my year-end list. Her image is also quite refreshing in these times of sequin frocks and funny wigs. It’s all about the voice and the beats.
I am thrilled to hear more from her, and glad that she has gone so far without the backing of the BBC “Sound of” poll. The video for “Perfect Stranger”, shot in Romania, is a stunning black-and-white affair that’s reminiscent of those big-budget electronica videos in the ’90s. You can either watch the video or stream the tune below.

Perfect Stranger feat. Katy B by Magnetic Man

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