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Covercentric: Ingrid Michaelson Takes Back Her “Parachute”

Bespectacled singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has decided to unleash her version of Cheryl Cole‘s monster hit “Parachute” on iTunes US. The twist is… she actually wrote the song! So technically, it’s not a cover, but in some ways it is *head explodes*. Now it would be predictable had she gone for the obvious acoustic route, but the result is somewhere between her old output and Cheryl’s super polished production, thus it just feels somewhat half-baked. Unfortunately, as pleasant as it is, Ingrid’s “Parachute” is bound to pale in comparison with Cheryl’s, since most are so used to the latter. It might just work for US radios, though, since Cheryl is virtually unknown Stateside (well, up to now, if those reports of her joining US X Factor are true, in which case, yikes). I suppose that’s Ingrid’s aim anyway, and she might just get away with it! Stream the song below.

Parachute by ingridmusic

I personally still prefer Cheryl’s recording, but do you?

More on Ingrid.
More on Cheryl.

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